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Iyengar Yoga, the world’s most widely-practiced form, emphasizes correct alignment of all parts of the body within each yoga pose. This precision builds strength, stamina, balance and flexibility–and a new sense of well-being.

  • Teachers become Certified Instructors after having successfully completed a standardized assessment exam after years of training.
  • Safe and systematic progression of yoga postures are taught to develop each student’s ability and skill.
  • The sequencing develops strength, flexibility, stamina, endurance, concentration, and body alignment.
  • Self-awareness and profound inward reflection is developed allowing physical safety and complete meditation in action.
  • Individual correction and knowledge is give on how to adjust postures when necessary or for common physical problems.
  • Precise use of language is used.
  • Demonstration of postures is given.
  • Ways to use yoga to ease various ailments and stress.
  • Use of props, such as blankets, blocks, and straps are used to allow students the correct performance of the posture due to physical limitations, age or individual needs making it safe and effective. Props help students experience the posture more profoundly and provide ease, stability and effectiveness while allowing the mind to relax while receiving the benefit of the workout.
  • In yoga classes, the emphasis is on learning, not just doing, so the teacher will usually teach through
  • instruction, demonstration or adjustment so that the students can fully absorb the process and gain a more in-depth understanding of themselves.
  • Emphasis on correct anatomical alignment through strengthening postural muscles can reduce aches and pains and improve posture. As the body moves into better alignment, less muscular effort is required and relaxation naturally increases.
  • The various Postures have different effects on the body. The basic postures taught at the beginning will build strength and stamina, and improve muscular tone, flexibility, and alignment. Practicing the postures reduces tiredness and soothes the nerves. It also trains and disciplines the mind so that concentration is improved.

All ages and levels or physical condition can do Iyengar Yoga. Do not be put off from trying a yoga class because you feel that you are too old, too stiff, too fat, too thin, too tired, etc. Yoga has something to offer everyone. We provide all the props necessary to practice. You bring your own yoga mat.